How We Give Back

Vegan Culture is dedicated to making the world a better place, by preventing animal exploitation, improving our health, and creating a more sustainable planet. It is our duty to protect all beings on earth, including humans and animals. This is why we have chosen to work with a few amazing foundations that we are passionate about! We give a portion of each sale on our store to one of the non-profits below.

mercy for anmals logo

Mercy For Animals

Mercy For Animals exists to end the greatest cause of suffering on the planet: the exploitation of animals for food, in particular, industrial animal agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing. These forms of food production cause egregious animal suffering and have detrimental effects on the planet and people. MFA is dedicated to eradicating this cruel food system and replacing it with one that is not just kind to animals but essential for the future of our planet and all who share it.

rainforest trust logo

Rainforest Trust

Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement. Every action we take now to protect rainforest will have a lasting impact on the future by maintaining our planet’s critical ecosystems. Over half of the world’s rainforests have been destroyed, and almost 70,000 acres more are lost every day. If current rates of deforestation continue, all of our planet’s original rainforest could be lost within decades, resulting in massive extinctions, accelerated climate change, and increased desertification. With your help, we can make a difference.


Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

The Physicians Committee is dedicated to saving and improving human and animal lives through plant-based diets and ethical and effective scientific research. Our efforts are dramatically changing the way doctors treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer. Since 1985, the Physicians Committee has worked tirelessly for alternatives to the use of animals in medical education and research and advocating for more effective scientific methods. Our staff of physicians, dietitians, and scientists is working with policymakers, industry, the medical community, the media, and the public to create a better future for people and animals.

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